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The Renku Sessions: New Session Coming


Marshall Hryciuk will kick off the new session next week with a hokku. Thank you to those who have been passing the word!


This week I am sharing a renku I led at Haiku North America in Cincinnati. This was a fun group, with full participation.


Traces of Salt

A Twelve Tone Renku
Haiku North America 2023


fresh lemonade
traces of salt                             Allyson Whipple
at the edge of my tongue


the laughter
of neighborhood children          Nicky Gutierrez


mourning doves
fill the branches                        Agnes Eva Savich
of an oak


unpicked pumpkins
still on the vine                         Michael Dylan Welch


we turn to see
the yellowing moon                   Garry Gay
on the horizon


my phone falls
from the selfie stick                   Michael


she passes me
her number                               Nicky
on a stained bar napkin


snowed in
he builds up the fire                  Allyson


email from my daughter
saying she passed                      Michael
her driving test


“c’est la vie”
says my therapist                      Agnes


bringing home
a few cherry blossoms               Garry
on my shoes


the colt finds his feet
with a soft whinny                    all



I am looking forward to seeing your new work, here at The Haiku Foundation!

John Stevenson






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  1. very nice, John, thanks for sharing. enjoyed it a lot. a shisan format, if i’m not mistaken. must have been fun composing it in person. a bit heavy on the communication side (vs 6,7,9,10) but it’s kind of understandable 🙂

    1. Yes. There are definite flaws. But renku is not about perfection. It’s about the pleasure of writing with others. If we were writing for a competition, I would have suggested changes. But we were writing for pleasure and that mission was accomplished. Glad you enjoyed it, Polona. It has always been a pleasure to write renku with you!

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