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The New Per Diem Poems Are Up!

The month has changed, and so has the Per Diem editor. Thanks to Christopher Herold for the many evocative poems he found that find the link between the atmospheric conditions and our own personal weather. My only regret was that even with the leap day February’s Per Diem offerings went by too fast.

This month’s editor is Stella Pierides, whose topic is “Haiku and the multi-modality of the senses”. She’s offering poems in which the image invoked appeals initially to one dominant sense, but in addition sets off a cascade of associative links to the other senses, yielding a rich, multi-dimensional experience.

You can find the Per Diem poems, as usual, on the THF Home Page. Enjoy the ride!

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  1. I enjoyed Lorin’s haiku for March 1 as well. Then realized I could link from her name to her Page on the Haiku Registry, and from there to the site for “A Hundred Gourds.” Always more to learn, whether we have a few minutes or an hour!

    Stella, I look forward to each of your selections. Thanks, Jim, for highlighting the “cascade of associative links to the other senses…”


  2. In very capable hands, for sure! I love the Lorin Ford haiku for March 1, 2012 …. Many thanks, Merrill

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