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The Librarian’s Cache – Sommergras: A quarterly journal by the German Haiku Society

Sommergras is a quarterly journal by the German Haiku Society and the Haiku Foundation would like to thank Klaus-Dieter Wirth for donating issues of Sommergrass to the digital library. All foreign language haiku, unless otherwise noted, were translated into German by Klaus-Dieter Wirth.

  • Issue 8(93) – Personifizierung (Personification)
  • Issue 7(92) – Humor
  • Issue 6(90) – Ursache und Wirkung (Cause and Effect)
  • Issue 5(89) – Alliteration und Assonanz (Alliteration and Assonance)
  • Issue 4(88) – Wiederholung (Repetition)
  • Issue 3(87) – Synästhesie (Synesthesia)
  • Issue 2(85) – Kontrastierung (Contrasting)
  • Issue 1(83) – Das Überraschungsmoment (The Element of Surprise)

Be sure to check out the Somergrass issues in the THF Digital Library.


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  1. A plethora of haiku/poets to whet my appetite! I’ll be nibbling on these for days to come. Thank you THF and Dan Campbell for providing so much inspiration.

  2. This is why THF is so necessary. Thank you Dan and Klaus-Dieter for storing and opening more of the wide world of haiku to others. Can’t wait to dive in to this new offering.

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