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The Librarian’s Cache – Moongarlic E-Zine

Moongralic E-Zine was published by the Yet To Be Named Free Press in England and ceased publication in 2017. The editors wrote that “Moongarlic is an E-zine for short verse, art, word sculptures, photographs, propaganda, for the unwanted, the crazy, the lonely, the good, the bad, the psycho-tropically challenged, the loaded, the clean, the dirty, the hair washers, the head shavers, the fakers, the shakers, the laminated takers . . ”

my eyeless doll
in the attic―is my cousin
still alive?

my blurred shadow
on the pool’s bottom, winged

oil spill
a seagull imprisoned
in rainbows

crow rain the softening shadows of cliffs

Be sure to check out the issues of Moongarlic in the digital library.


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  1. There will be an obituary for Brendan Slater in the Living Haiku Anthology’s Living Legacy series.

    I posted details on both my home page and The British Haiku Society page:

    Brendan Slater was founder of moongarlic journal along with Sheila Windsor.

    It was wonderful spending a few days with him many years ago when myself, Notes from the Gean, and Brendan organised various haiku, ginko, and renku events in Aberdeen, Scotland.

    Here’s the current Living Haiku Anthology page for Brendan’s haiku:

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