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The Librarian’s Cache – Lynx: A Journal for Linking Poets

In Breath, we learn that Jane and Werner Reichhold founded and co-edited Lynx journal (2000-2014), and published one of the first anthologies of English-language tanka – Wind Five-Folded – in 1994. They also explored other genres of poetry, including what they termed ‘symbiotic poetry’ and published anthologies such as A Film of Words.

The article, Postcard from Gualala, by Sandra Simpson is a tribute to the lives of Jane and Werner and their contributions to the haiku community.

There are 35 issues of Lynx in the Digital Library.

Jane and Werner

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  1. Jane and Werner were a wonderful presence in the world of Japanese-derived poetry. I worked for some time as a moderator on Jane’s AHA Poetry site, and will always miss her warmth, intelligence humor and wisdom. It does me good to see the two of them being remembered.

  2. Two incredible people, two horribly sad endings.

    I loved, loved, loved, communicating with Jane re her rubber stamps she did, and her earlier “Mirrors” journal where you simply posted snail mail the poems and they were scanned, I believe, as is.

    A joy to work with, but never met her in person, although we were planning to meet, and it would have been fun to have met Werner in person too! 🙂

    I have many gifted books from Jane, all highly treasured.

    deep bow,


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