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The Librarian’s Cache – Is/let: A journal of the short poem, edited by Scott Metz

From Scott Metz  – “I created is/let as a gallery to present some of the most interesting, intriguing, and challenging haiku being written in English today. I want it to be a space for writers of ku to experiment, play, and provoke.” Learn more about Scott from his Poet Profile in the Haiku Registry.

Selected haiku from Issue 2:

a crow pulls just the thread just stars
— Michelle Tennison

a billion year old stone
trying to be heart-shaped
for spring
— Scott Metz

the starfish is neither
in my opinion
the phone rings
— John Levy

Check out the two issues of Is/let in the THF library and be sure to check out the Is/let website for additional issues (2014 – 2017) .

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  1. Thanks yet again, Dan.

    Scott succeeded in his aims, I think. We need a lab, a playground, and a jolt.

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