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The Librarian’s Cache – Echidna Tracks: A Haiku Journal from Australia

This haiku journal is based on experiences in Australia, originally published, one a day, on the Echidna Tracks Australian Haiku website:

From the website – “Australia in the 21st Century is a vibrant multicultural society. We hope to reflect, in the haiku/senryu collected on this website, the variety of peoples that inhabit Australia and the variety of landscapes in this continent.”

Selected haiku from Issue 8: December 2021 – March 2022

the chilly brilliance
of stars
Quendryth Young

dark moon—
I add ghost fungus
to the almanac
Lorin Ford

night gusts . . .
the clothesline tethering
Jo McInerney

old pond
a dinosaur’s print
in the mud
Gregory Piko

Be sure to check out the four issues of Echidna Tracks in the digital library.

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  1. What a nice surprise it is to find this post this morning. Thank you Dan and anyone else involved. It’s good to see that issues of Echidna Tracks are archived at THF.

    I’m honoured to find my haiku in this post with those by Quendryth, Jo and Greg Piko.

    How the years fly! The current issue (not yet completed, as a new haiku is published day by day) is issue #11. Kudos to Lynette Arden, who initiated ‘Echidna Tracks’ , set it up and continues to do all the webmaster work.

    (#Each issue of Echidna Tracks publishes a new haiku each day until the end of that issue. Lynette has made it easy to find authors’ names as there is a permanent list, and all haiku by a particular author are accessible by clicking on the name. Just scroll down to below the current page in the most recent issue:

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