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The Heron’s Nest — Touchstone Award Winner

NestFeathersThe Heron’s Nest’s book Nest Feathers, edited by John Stevenson, was a winner of a Touchstone Distinguished Books Award given to the best haiku publications of 2015. It was published by The Heron’s Nest Press.

See the complete list of winners of both Distinguished Books Awards and Individual Poem Awards in the Touchstone Archives.

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  1. –So happy to have this in my personal collection.
    –Now, glad to see it preserved in the Touchstone Archives.
    –Well done all.

  2. On behalf of The Heron’s Nest I express our humble gratitude for this honor. The entire editorial team worked on Nest Feathers. Most of all, we thank the many poets who have provided us with the honor of sharing some of their best work.

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