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The Haiku Registry is Back

The Haiku Registry is back . . .  or did you know that already? It’s been back for a while, but we’re just announcing its return. The Haiku Registry was offline for a few months after our recent move to a new web host.

For many years, Billie Wilson maintained our collection of brief biographies for haiku poets from around the world. Marta Chocilowska has maintained the registry in recent years.

Have you published English-language haiku or senryu in an edited journal, either in print or online? If so, you can be part of the Haiku Registry. See Apply to be Listed.

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  1. Hi Dave. I, too, have been trying to update my Haiku Registry profile. How do I make this happen?

    1. Hi Carolyn et al, my suggestion is to contact the Haiku Registry editor regarding an update. This is what I did under Billie’s stewardship and the process was quite straightforward with the intention of making it as easy for the editor as possible (ie, sending only the information needing to be updated, not rewriting everything). Best wishes, Sandra

      1. Hi, Sandra,
        please send your update to (replacing _at_ with @)
        Marta Chocilowska
        Haiku Registry Administrator
        The Haiku Foundation

    1. Yes, I was wondering this myself. Thanks for asking this question. The registry is such a fabulous resource.

    2. Hi, Margar, please send your update to (replacing _at_ with @)

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