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The Haiku Foundation Video Haiga #7: radium / Jim Kacian

This video haiga is by Jim Kacian, founder of Red Moon Press and The Haiku Foundation. The music is “sketches,” written and performed by Daniel Lanois.

Haiga is a combination of image(s) and haiku. Video haiga is the latest incarnation of this ancient art. The Haiku Foundation is pleased to feature video haiga from artists around the world. This video is part of The Haiku Foundation Video Archive.

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  1. Interesting…there was a certain tension created as, whenever I see or hear the word “radium”, I expect “sickness” or “poisoning” to follow. When “dreams” appeared, I breathed an inner sigh of relief and enjoyed it!

    1. Okay, so when I watched the video again, the image of the lichen covered branch/trunk made me think of cancer. Could this be referring to a patient who has just had radium treatment and is dozing in a recovery room afterwards, and experiencing strange dreams in their half awake / half asleep condition? The music certainly had that “wateriness” I associate with this state of consciousness….

      I’d love to hear the thoughts of the creator (Jim Kacian rather than a higher body 🙂)


  2. I seem to have missed the announcement of this haiga…. so glad I found it. For a moment of engagement of all the senses…. shadow music dreams indeed.

  3. This is sublime, Jim. The juxtaposition of drowse and radium, and I see it too in the shadow and light, are the essence of the perfect haiku. Thank you.

  4. I like this very much. Even the faint speckled light through the tree’s shadow appearing and disappearing on the fungal trunk of another tree and a bright-faced rock behind it belonged to the dream…

    in the old wall the tree’s shadow

  5. What a lovely video–image, haiku and music!
    It takes you with it and drops you at the foot of the tree, in dream . . .

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