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The Haiku Foundation Video Haiga #8: crows / Ron Moss

This video haiga is by Ron Moss, haiku poet and visual artist from Tasmania. The music is “White Coplanar” by Guillermo Gregorio, as performed by the Guillermo Gregorio Ensemble.

Haiga is a combination of image(s) and haiku. Video haiga is the latest incarnation of this ancient art. The Haiku Foundation is pleased to feature video haiga from artists around the world. This video is part of The Haiku Foundation Video Archive.

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  1. Hi Ron,
    I’m delighted to find this, and quite by accident whilst doing something else. Lovely stuff, and I’m reminded of films my grand father showed and those shown in the local hall in Cann River, where we got the countdown at the beginning and then if we were lucky, the celluloid didn’t catch fire and we got the film too. Great use of archived film material along with your crow (or is it a raven?) artwork/photo…and lovely & grainy :-) Sounds are great, too.

    – Lorin

  2. Lovely–watching for the light here, during the long early mornings, our shortest days now in Wisconsin. And Ron, your artwork for Montage: The Book is beautiful (edited by Allan Burns). Many hours of reading. Thanks to all, Ellen

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