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The Haiku Foundation Spring Inventory Book Sale — Last Day!

It’s spring here in the northern hemisphere, and that turns our minds to rebirth, love, and inventory levels. We need the room, and as a consequence we are offering a special on two of The Haiku Foundation’s most beautiful books: at the top of the ferris wheel: Selected Haiku of Cor van den Heuvel — for a donation of just $15/copy plus postage — and Montage: The Book, edited by Allan Burns, for a donation of just $10/copy plus postage. Postage depends on where you live: if a US address, add $5/book; if Canada or Mexico, add $15/book, and for all other addresses, please add $24/book (we know, and we’re sorry, but they’re heavy books and this is the cheapest mailing option by far — we’ve checked). You can get your copies in the THF Gift Shop.

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