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The Haiku Foundation Online Essay Collection

Thirteen months ago I began collecting articles and essays on haiku subjects with the intention of republishing them in a dedicated collection so that students, teachers, poets and scholars would be able to find a substantial body of such writings in one convenient location online. This collection, The Haiku Foundation Online Essay Collection, is now online, freely available to all. It consists of 270 cataloged items, and additional essays are added regularly. You can find it, along with other THF Digital Library collections, by going to The THF Digital Library.

The Foundation would like to express again its gratitude to the many authors of these valuable writings, who, without exception, freely granted permission to republish their work. Given the past and current high level of interest in writing about haiku subjects, we anticipate the collection will easily grow to 500 items in the next year or two. If you own copyright to a previously published article or essay on haiku that you would like to see republished here, please contact me via the Contact Page and we’ll arrange to preserve it.

— Garry Eaton, THF Digital Librarian

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  2. Dear Garry, Thank you for your work as THF Digital Librarian. I can imagine the time and care this work requires. And thank you to all the poets, teachers, and scholars who share their work.

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