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The Haiku Foundation Master Clips: Robert Spiess on the Essence of Haiku

Robert Spiess was erstwhile editor of Modern Haiku, the flagship journal for English-language haiku. This recording gives his views on what haiku is, and is not.

This video is part of The Haiku Foundation Video Archive.

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  1. Thanks for your helpful criticism, Laura and Sandra. Based in part on your responses, we decided to remove the music from this video.

  2. I discovered Modern Haiku through Poet’s Market almost 20 years ago, when Bob Spiess was the editor in Madison, Wisconsin. I lived there from 1972-76, when attending UW. Although I did not meet Bob in person, I recall his kind notes about my haiku (“not quite”). It was great to simply begin, and to meet an editor who responded to my work. When Lee Gurga became editor of Modern Haiku and then Charlie Trumbull, I admired their views of their roles as being stewards; and I know I could easily mention many more people here, with respect to this major journal.

    Good to get a better sense of haiku history with all the videos. Thanks, Ellen

  3. I found the music rather disturbing … and distracting. I wanted to hear the speaker not the music, nor wonder why the music was off a scary movie!

    Otherwise, a very interesting opportunity to hear “words of wisdom” from an EL pioneer of haiku. Thank you.

  4. Good information, but the background music is incongruous, distracting, and strangely suspenseful, like something from a horror film – and much too loud, starting around :45 and increasing thereafter. Sorry to be critical, but this was my immediate impression.

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