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The Haiku Foundation Interviews: Sandra Simpson

Sandra Simpson is a leading voice in New Zealand haiku, serves on the committee of the Katikati Haiku Pathway. She recently co-organized the Aotearoa Haiku Festival 2012 in her hometown of Tauranga. Jim Kacian interviewed Simpson at the Aotearoa Haiku Festival on June 22, 2012. Video by Jim Kacian.

This video is part of The Haiku Foundation Video Archive.

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  1. It’s wonderful to hear Sandra’s thoughts and influences on her haiku path from such a wonderful place which is NZ. Nice use of photographic inserts for subject matter, Jim is getting creative with the software 🙂

    Well done.


  2. Jim, I’m so thankful for these chances to sit a moment with others and listen not only to what they are saying but to what went before… what door they are knocking on now. Many thanks. Merrill

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