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The Haiku Foundation Interviews: Francine Banwarth

Francine Banwarth, current editor of Frogpond (the international journal of the Haiku Society of America) discusses how she came to haiku, and what it has meant to her life. Jim Kacian interviewed Banwarth at The Cradle of American Haiku Festival in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, USA, in July of  2012. Video by Jim Kacian.

This video is part of The Haiku Foundation Video Archive.

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  1. A wonderful, pithy interview, worth listening to carefully, several times. We are fortunate to have such a strong writer in our midst, and even more fortunate to have her now editing Frogpond.

    For the record, where Francine mentions Sister Mary Thomas Eulert, she means Sister Mary Thomas Eulberg. (Don Eulert was the coeditor of American Haiku magazine, the first English-language haiku journal.)

  2. This video archive is quite an accomplishment. So glad to “meet” these people and hear the thoughts of poets.

  3. Francine brings a breath of truth throughout the whole community. “Who she is” is a gift to us all.

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