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The Haiku Foundation Interviews: Don Eulert

Don Eulert was co-founder, with James Bull, of the first dedicated English-language haiku journal, American Haiku, in 1963. Here he discusses those early days of journal publishing, and how he uses haiku to inform his current activities. Jim Kacian interviewed Eulert at The Cradle of American Haiku Festival in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, USA, in July of 2012. Video by Kacian.

This video is part of The Haiku Foundation Video Archive.

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  1. Loved it! such wise words – “Write a haiku every day” what a wonderful practice indeed!
    Great production Jim, nice cross overs and editing… and not hearing the questions or prompts works really well.

    Deep Bows

  2. Great to hear the voice of a pioneer. The passion of a poet. Live. Great work. Thank you for these efforts, THF. The future of haiku is in its past. And in this presence.

  3. Great interview. There is a great connection to the Japanese tradition here and, whether you call it spiritual, psychological, or humanistic, it is wonderful. Don Eulart speaks directly to the heart of haiku, while giving us the all-important historical background and a way to live our lives everyday.

  4. This is certainly a gift to be able to record beginnings like these. Making them available to the haiku community I feel will go a long way to giving the cohesiveness it requires to grow in a changing world.

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