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The Haiku Foundation Contest Archive

I’m posting this on behalf of Paul Miller, who created the Contest Archive.

Paul writes:

“English-language haiku has grown substantially over the last forty years, both in the number of poets, as well as in the number of haiku organizations. This healthy growth has been a boon for budding and established poets. Part of this growth has been in the number of haiku contests. However, if the community has a weakness, it is that it is run by volunteers, and as such historical records aren’t always kept, or passed from outgoing to incoming President, or from coordinator to coordinator, as well as they should.

Since preservation of English-language haiku is one of the goals of the Haiku Foundation, an archive of contest winning poems is a natural fit. The Haiku Foundation has worked with local and national haiku organizations to create this online database. The contest data will be updated continuously; however, in order to allow the sponsor organizations first notification to the public, there will be a delay before such winners are posted on the HF site. This is an ongoing project so new contests will be periodically added. Corrections and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.

In the creation of this archive we have found the process of revisiting years of our history rewarding. We hope others do as well.”

Paul Miller

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