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The Haiku Foundation Annual Fundraising Drive, November 28 – December 6

Dear Haiku Lovers:

Let us begin by thanking you all for your continuing support. The Haiku Foundation has grown incredibly fast, and has far outpaced our expectations. What began as a few ideas for projects that we felt would help people find their way into and through haiku—libraries, resources, archives and the like—has quickly morphed into a host of fun projects to the delight of anyone who loves the genre. Daily haiku, books of the week, a haiku agony column, National Haiku Poetry Day—none of these programs was even the remotest thought to us when we began.

Once a year we ask that you help us meet our financial challenges to continue this work. We reserve the period from Thanksgiving through St. Nicholas Day, the time our culture has has set aside to note our many blessings and give thanks. We are grateful for the opportunity to do this work, and look forward to continuing it. But it really does depend on you—as audience, as participant, as underwriter. As an additional incentive, the Foundation is once again fortunate enough to have an angel who will match funds—every dollar you contribute means two for us.

And, during this period we try to let you know some of what we’ve been up to by releasing samples of our work over the previous 12 months. You’ll find a list of our planned releases below.

One more thing: it is a wonderful thing to support haiku with a financial contribution, but it is even greater to give back with your time and energy. The Haiku Foundation would be very glad of your help in a number of projects that we have in the works. If you have the time and the inclination to do more for haiku, please contact us. We’ll be happy to have you join us.

Once again, thanks for all, and we wish you a most happy holiday season.

Take care.

Jim Kacian
President, The Haiku Foundation


Fundraiser Releases from The Haiku Foundation

November 28: The Haiku Foundation announces the Cor van den Heuvel Library and Archives.

November 29: A Haiku Foundation Report on the way New Orleans celebrated National Haiku Poetry Day in April, 2012; and a new column from The Haiku Maven.

November 30: The release of the new Haiku Foundation Digital Library interface, brought to you by our hard-working Digital Librarian, Garry Eaton; and a video haiga, “windless morning,” from Jim Kacian.

December 1: A Haiku Foundation Interview with poet, editor and publisher Beverley George of Australia, filmed at the Aotearoa Haiku Festival in Tauranga, New Zealand, June 2012.

December 2: A Haiku Foundation Reading from poet, critic and theoretician Peter Yovu; and a new Book of the Week.

December 3: Release of the new THF Pinterest site, brought to you through the ministrations of our Social Media Director, Stella Pierides; and a video haiga, “distance,” from Jim Kacian.

December 4: A Haiku Foundation Interview with poet and past Haiku Society of America President Lenard D. Moore.

December 5: A Haiku Foundation Report on American Haiku, the first journal dedicated to English-language haiku (founded in 1963), from a panel discussion at the Cradle of American Haiku III Conference, Mineral Point, Wisconsin, July, 2012.

December 6: A Haiku Foundation Reading by poet and educator Bill Pauly; and once again The Haiku Maven prods and entertains us.

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  1. It’s been a pleasure to work with Jim Kacian and Dave Russo in preparing the Digital Library for display in the new Omeka interface. Working on the project has also helped me to appreciate to a greater extent the selfless dedication of the many Haiku Foundation volunteers whose work makes this valuable resource possible. I urge everyone who cares about haiku to help out during this pledge period with contributions of time, ideas, expertise and money in order to help assure The Foundation’s continuing success.

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