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The Haiku Foundation Announces: The Site Archive

One of the missions of The Haiku Foundation is to document the first century of English-language haiku (ELH). This is the inspiration behind our hard copy and digital libraries, where you can find nearly every book of ELH ever published. But another, and lesser known, element is our journals collection, which contains thousands of issues of nearly every journal and magazine dedicated to ELH over the past century. But one missing element of that has been electronic journals — how can we represent the full picture if we don’t take into account these vital resources?

We are beginning to redress this situation, starting with the announcement of our Site Archive, and debuting now our first archived site, Simply Haiku. Here you will find the entire run of Simply Haiku from its inaugural issue in 2003 to its finale in 2009, fully searchable and intact. Simply Haiku was the brainchild of Mike Rehling, and it is due to his generosity of spirit that we are able to offer this to you today. We hope you enjoy this wonderful resource.

But of course this is not the end of something, but only the beginning. We have several other sites in mind that we hope to bring to you over the months and years, including a couple that are already in the works: James W. Hackett’s personal site, and Marlene Mountain’s complex site much given over to her art. We would welcome other holdings as well. If you own or manage a haiku site and would like to see it perpetuated for the good of haiku, contact us and we can discuss it with you. In the meantime, we wish you all happy reading!

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  1. Wow. what a fantastic initiative, this will be an important and essential haiku resource!

  2. This is great! Thanks to everyone involved with this! The Marlene Mountain site is kind of hard to navigate, but worth digging into.

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