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The Haiku Foundation Announces Its Touchstone Distinguished Books Award Short List for 2021

The Haiku Foundation is pleased to announce The Touchstone Distinguished Book Awards Short List for books of haiku and related forms published in 2021. The nominees’ works represent a rich variety of English-language books from many nations and haiku traditions. The five members of the Touchstone Distinguished Books Award panel have each read the eighty-one books submitted in the first round, and after careful deliberation have chosen the sixteen  books that comprise our list. The panel will further review these sixteen volumes to determine which will receive the Awards and Honorable Mentions.
I know I speak for the panel in noting how difficult it was to limit our selection to sixteen  books this year. As one of the panel members wrote, “As in previous years, it was a real challenge to narrow my selections down.” We recognize the many worthy books beyond the Short List which were published in 2021.
On April 17, the Foundation will announce its final awards for 2021.
I wish to thank the Distinguished Books Award Panel: Beverly Acuff  Momoi, Kat Lehmann,  Scott Mason, Victor Ortiz and Michael Rehling.
We extend our congratulations to the following authors and publishers (books are arranged in alphabetical order by author.


    • Beary, Roberta, Maitiu Quinn, and Willie Walsh. Clan Beo, artwork. One Breath (Doire Press, 2021).
    • Chambers, Paul. The Dry Bones (Red Ceilings Press, 2021).
    • Chhoki, Sonam, and Geethanjali Rajan. Unexpected Gift (éditions petits nuages, 2021).
    • Chula, Margaret. Firefly Lanterns (Shanti Arts, 2021).
    • Hambrick, Jennifer. joyride (Red Moon Press, 2021).
    • Haynes, Tia, and Jonathan Roman. After Amen: A Memoir in Two Voices (self-published, 2021).
    • Kacian, Jim, Terry Ann Carter, and Claudia Brefeld. the endangered C (Red Moon Press, 2021).
    • Kacian, Jim, and Julie Schwerin (editors). A New Resonance 12: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku (Red Moon Press, 2021).
    • Kenney, Bill. keep walking (Red Moon Press, 2021).
    • Kumar, Shobhana. A Sky Full of Bucket Lists (Red River, 2021).
    • Pauly, Bill. Walking Uneven Ground: Selected Haiku by Bill Pauly (Randy and Shirley Brooks (editors), Brooks Books, 2021).
    • Read, Dave. Fifty at Fifty: My Haiku (self-published, 2021).
    • Rotella, Alexis, and Friends. Grandmother’s Pearls: Dream Anthology (Jade Mountain Press, 2021).
    • Shankar, Shloka (ed.). where the roots are: Best of Paper Lanterns, Volume 2 (Yavanika Press, 2021).
    • Stevenson, John. My Red: The Selected Haiku of John Stevenson (Randy and Shirley Brooks (editors), Brooks Books, 2021).
    • Sugita, Hisajo. Lips Licked Clean (Alice Wanderer (translator), Red Moon Press, 2021).


    Bruce H. Feingold
    Touchstone Coordinator


    Robin Anna Smith
    Associate Coordinator

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