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The Haiga Galleries: Photo Haiku of John Levy

The Haiku Foundation features outstanding practitioners of the dual art of haiga (haiku + visual art) in The Haiga Galleries. This month’s presentation features the work of haiga artist John Levy.

Each month we will add a new gallery of work devoted to haiga and related visual arts. If you would like us to consider your work for inclusion, contact us using the Contact Form and we will discuss it with you.

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  1. John’s work here is marvellous. (His work elsewhere, longer poems some of which can be found in Philip Rowland’s Noon: Journal of the Short Poem and in John Martone’s Otata, is marvellous too).

    The photos present some sort of cosmic maps. The haiku follow them home. I would welcome a book featuring these, and if that is not possible, it would be wonderful to see the photos in a larger format than presented here.

    Peter Yovu

    1. Dear Peter, This is a wonderful gallery, and John’s art is new for me. When I click on the images, they appear in a larger size. Perhaps this is helpful, so many ways to read now. Best wishes, Ellen

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