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The free THF Haiku app now allows you to share your favorites

In the post “Free poetry by putting it on your cell phones!”, I wrote that one  problem that poetry faces in this country is that it isn’t a part of people’s everyday lives. Thankfully, microblogging and texting can change that. Poetry now comes to people on their cell phones.

That is where our new, free app, THF Haiku, comes in. The app, which is free in Apple’s App Store, contains a treasure trove of poems. From R.H. Blyth, Jack Kerouac and William J. Henderson to Scott Metz and Michael McClintock, the library is stocked with poets with a variety of approaches.

The app’s latest update will even let you tweet your favorites. Sharing on other social media sites, including Facebook is also supported.

To get this feature simply update your app or redownload it from the App Store.

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