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The Cor van den Heuvel Haiku Library Contents Made Available

In July 2013 Cor van den Heuvel donated, as part of a larger gift, his haiku library to The Haiku Foundation. This library consists of 212 personally annotated volumes and journals. Most of the books in this collection are still in print or protected by copyright, and cannot be reproduced at this time. This gallery is designed to inform poets and scholars of the contents of the collection. Think of it as a card catalogue for future scholarship. One of the goals of the Foundation is to encourage research and scholarly writing on English-language haiku, and we see this collection as one that interested students of the genre will wish to consult for a long time to come. On the occasion of National Haiku Poetry Day 2014, we provide access today to the Cor van den Heuvel Haiku Library in our Omeka collections. Enjoy!

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