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The April Per Diem poems are up!

This month we travel to New Zealand for haiku with a specific flavor. Sandra Simpson, the editor of the April collection ‘Poems from Aotearoa,’ features haiku with flora and fauna specific to those favored isles, and human activities, such as Anzac Day (April 25). A wonderful collection of haiku to help us celebrate April, the National Poetry Month.

Sandra has provided a glossary of New Zealand words which complements the collection. If you come across a word in a haiku this month that you don’t understand, you can look it up in the list here. Have fun! And have a very happy National Poetry Month!

Stella Pierides
Per Diem Project Manager

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  1. Hi Folks,

    I only now see your comments! It has taken me a bit of time to find my bearings…

    Ellen, yes, the Glossary was an excellent idea. I am enjoying looking up the words, too.

    Michelle, hopefully, there will be an archive with all the collections in the future. I’d love to see it happen too!

    There is now a direct link to the Per Diem haiku box. So no need to scroll down anymore. The link is:

  2. this is interesting: Sandra Simpson included a glossary for April’s per diem series.

    ps: a full collection of collected haiku Michele? if so, I do not believe there is one as
    of yet, but you never know, so do check the home page everyday for a new haiku. you may have to check several times per day since i have no idea when today ends and tommorrow’s poem begin:-)

  3. Michele,

    upper left, click onto HOME, scroll down, on your right, a new haiku will be posted every day.


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