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The 2022 Touchstone Awards: The Whats, Whens, Whys, and Hows…and Soon, the Whos!

As the Haiku Foundation’s Touchstone Awards have seen numerous changes in the past year, we want to share an informational post to make you aware of how and when to expect to see the Touchstone Award results released.

The Touchstone Distinguished Book Award, The Touchstone Award for Individual Haibun, and The Touchstone Award for Individual Poems will be posted to The Haiku Foundation’s blog on the below dates:

April 3: Long List – Individual Haibun and Individual Poems (there is no Long List for the Distinguished Book Award)

April 10: Short List – Distinguished Books, Individual Haibun, and Individual Poems

April 17: Awarded – Distinguished Books, Individual Haibun, and Individual Poems

April 18 and on: As in previous years, we will be sharing commentary by our panelists on the award-winning books, haibun, and poems, one by one. We will rotate from award to award so that each award has a post each third day until the commentaries are complete.

Now you know the whats, whens, whys, and hows . . . tune in over the next few weeks for the whos!


Bruce H. Feingold
The Touchstone Awards, Chairperson and Coordinator for Distinguished Books

Kristen Lindquist
Coordinator, Touchstone Awards for Individual Haibun

Robin Anna Smith
Coordinator, Touchstone Awards For Individual Poems

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  1. Looking forward to revisiting the beautiful writers that have made the lists. Thank you.

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