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Survey Says . . . THF World of Haiku

Every September the Board of Directors and Associates of The Haiku Foundation are sent a survey. Their responses help to guide our growth and direction. We’d like to broaden our input, and so we’ll be asking you to respond to a series of questions, one per week, over the next half-year. Your replies will be weighed in our assessment of our performance.

Today’s question: The Haiku Foundation World of Haiku

The World of Haiku feature invites nations of the world to tell the story of how haiku has come to their country and language, who has let the way, and who is currently making a difference, both in English and in each native language. We hope this sharing of backgrounds and poetry provides greatly appreciation of how haiku has affected all of us, and inspires greatly collaboration and understanding among us all. In addition to the world poetry archive, we also will feature one haiku nation/culture each month on the home page of the website over the next several years, beginning January 1 2015. We believe this is the most comprehensive and ambitious initiative in world haiku ever attempted, and are heartened by the warm response that has greeted it.

Please assess how well The Haiku Foundation is delivering on this topic. Indicate your assessment of our performance to date by choosing one of the options:






Please feel free to add additional comments. Thank you for your thoughtful responses, which will help us make the Foundation a better resource for all of us.

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  1. The feature of “World of Haiku” is excellent and very interesting, as well.

  2. I didn’t know about the World of Haiku Initiative to tell about the history of Haiku in different countries….but I LOVE the fact that you feature a different country each month with posts of haiku from that country throughout the month. I read them every day.

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