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Survey Says . . . THF Website 2021

Today’s question: The Haiku Foundation Website

The website is the main portal of connection between the Foundation and people interested in our activities. Minor redesigns were implemented in 2012 and again in 2015, and a major revision was implemented in 2020 with the intention of organizing our vast quantities of content into more intuitive categories, while making the site more easily navigable on mobile devices. The website contains nearly all the shareable resources of the Foundation. It is kept current with the latest internet protocols, and has primary and secondary security features to keep your use of the site safe. The THF website has been managed from its inception by Dave Russo, and our latest redesign was implemented by Scala Design, Inc.

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  1. Excellent work by Dave Russo, Scala Design, Inc. and all.

    And thank you for your presentation of the Education Resources, and the opportunity to write elementary school lesson plans, with Jim Kacian and THF resources. Work in education has grown, for all ages, and with the work of many poets and teachers.

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