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Survey says . . . THF Planned Projects

Every September the Board of Directors and Associates of The Haiku Foundation are sent a survey. Their responses help to guide our growth and direction. We’d like to broaden our input, and so we’ll be asking you to respond to a series of questions, one per week, over the next half-year. Your replies will be weighed in our assessment of our performance.

Today’s question: The Haiku Foundation World of Haiku

In addition to the many projects currently underway with the Foundation, we have many others in the planning stages, including

    U-21 Website/Anthology: a site and annual book just for/designed by poets under 21 years of age; in collaboration with Millikin University
    Assignment of Copyright: a way to guarantee that your poems are made available for future use in anthologies and haiku histories
    Grantwriter Hire: our single greatest need is to expand our resource pool, and the hiring of a professional to guide us is essential to meeting it
    Video Archive Additions: we would like to do more with this resource than our current manpower and expertise allow
    National Haiku Poetry Day Organization: do we expand this project, which is costly in terms of man-hours, or streamline it, perhaps bringing it online for greater outreach but with less personal contact?
    Introductory Video: a welcome to haiku for newcomers to THF, its website and its programs

We welcome your input as to what seems most important to you, as well as which you would be willing to lend your energies and resources toward.

Please assess how well The Haiku Foundation is delivering on this topic. Indicate your assessment of our performance to date by choosing one of the options:






Please feel free to add additional comments. This is the last installment in our survey for 2014. Thank you for your thoughtful responses, which will help us make the Foundation a better resource for all of us.

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  1. Excellent. I can’t speak to all the good ideas in a specific way, but can offer a few thoughts:

    I’ve been aware of the work in haiku by Randy Brooks, Aubrie Cox, students, and I’m sure many others at Milliken University for some time – including their student-run press, Bronze Man Books.* A collaboration between THF and this university would be strong. An amazing opportunity, for many.

    An introductory video would be wonderful.

    The survey questions are a good idea.

    Thanks, Ellen

    * This press published tea’s aftertaste by Aubrie Cox. It is a lovely book, poems by Aubrie and artwork by Katie Baird.

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