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Survey Says . . . THF Mission Statement

The Haiku Foundation mission statement was amended in 2018, and now reads as follows:

Our mission is to archive our first century of English-language haiku; to expand possibilities for our second; and to seek active exchange with other haiku languages and cultures around the world.

As a result, THF has three primary missions:

1) to archive the first century of English-language haiku;

2) to expand possibilities for our second; and

3) to encourage and participate in the growth of haiku around the world.

All other haiku groups — from journals to societies to conferences — have been created to help the individual poet realize his or her creative dream, be it education, publication or social contact. The Haiku Foundation does not follow this model. THF instead is a series of projects organized not for poets per se, but for haiku itself. The realization of these projects will in due course help all haiku poets. Haiku has been very good to all the poets who have been fortunate to have found it. The Haiku Foundation is where poets go when they want to give back.>

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  1. Three big cheers for The Haiku Foundation, three more for Jim (whose brainchild I believe it was) and three more for all of the many dedicated haiku people who give their time & skills to keep it all going.

  2. Yes, certainly outstanding. How many of us have had wonderful opportunity, to learn, to interact,
    to comment ; have had access in various websites,blogs, forums ; A platform to showcase our
    talent and creative process. Leading us in search of growth and learning process.

  3. I’d say OUTSTANDING! 🙂
    I have to say that Call of the Page, and I am sure other people too, look after both the poet as individual, but also haiku at large. Our incredible participants on our courses visibly maintain and enhance haiku in general and related genres.
    But THF is brilliant, and has long been essential.
    And as I know, so much is done by so few people for so many people to enjoy and grow, thank you! 🙂

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