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Survey Says . . . THF Book of the Week

Today’s question: THF Book of the Week

The Haiku Foundation’s Book of the Week has proven to be one our most durable and beloved features. The chapbook is the life’s blood of haiku, and for decades the major means of sharing poems. Book of the Week provides a wide range of styles and achievement levels to have a second viewing. Books for the most part have been published not fewer than 5 year prior to airing, and its exposure here helps acquaint our audience with some of the holdings in our Digital Library. Book of the Week is coordinated by THF Digital Librarian Garry Eaton.

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  1. An excellent contribution to those of us who love Haiku. Please keep it going. I learn something every time.

  2. my favourite feature – as Helen says it introduces us to a book we would not otherwise have seen and the standard of work is high – on more than one occasion I have sent off for the print version and consider it money well spent

  3. I was thrilled to have my collection ‘water on the moon’ showcased here, and it’s great to be introduced regularly to some amazing books that I might otherwise never have come across. Keep up the excellent work.

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