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Survey says . . . Book of the Week

Every September the Board of Directors and Associates of The Haiku Foundation are sent a survey. Their responses help to guide our growth and direction. We’d like to broaden our input, and so we’ll be asking you to respond to a series of questions, one per week, over the next half-year. Your replies will be weighed in our assessment of our performance.

Today’s question: The Book of the Week Program

The Haiku Foundation features a different book each week on the blog. Selections are made by Tom Clausen and posted with a copy of the book’s cover. All such offerings are gathered in the Book of the Week Archive. When available, we provide a link to the complete book in our Digital Library.

Please assess how well The Haiku Foundation is delivering on this topic. Indicate your assessment of our performance to date by choosing one of the options:






Please feel free to add additional comments. Thank you in advance for your consideration, and for helping us make The Haiku Foundation a better resource.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree! The Book Of The Week is invaluable! Many of these out of print selections will never see the light of day again. This is the haiku equivalent to Martin Scorsese’s Film Preservation. Bravo!

  2. The Book of the Week Program is one of the best things The Haiku Foundation has done. I am a huge fan of haiku chapbooks, a bit of a collector, and I usually snap them up when I come across them (which isn’t very often, and most times the price is outrageously high). The Book of the Week Program is an excellent way to share such little collections with a much wider audience than what these little collections would ordinarily receive. I am very appreciative to The Haiku Foundation for this program. I look forward to it every Monday.

  3. Excellent

    My haiku time has been limited the last few weeks, but your Book of the Week has caught my attention and provided much pleasure. Thank you.

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