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Survey says . . . THF Publications

Every September the Board of Directors and Associates of The Haiku Foundation are sent a survey. Their responses help to guide our growth and direction. We’d like to broaden our input, and so we’ll be asking you to respond to a series of questions, one per week, over the next half-year. Your replies will be weighed in our assessment of our performance.

Today’s question: THF Publications

Montage: The Book is in its second printing, and serves as a premium for donors who give $50 or more. The Montage archive, from which the book was developed, is available on the website. In preparation are half a dozen biographies/critical assessments of major poets, in coordination with an upcoming project, Poet of the Year, to be inaugurated possibly in 2014. Publication of a critical journal (Juxtapositions) is tabled for the time being.

Please assess how well The Haiku Foundation is delivering on this topic. Indicate your assessment of our performance to date by choosing one of the options:






Please feel free to add additional comments. Thank you in advance for your consideration, and for helping us make The Haiku Foundation a better resource.

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  1. Montage is excellent, both the book and archive. I see it as the textbook for the haiku lessons I am helping to write with THF (work in good progress).

    For new readers, I’ll quote from the Foreword by Peggy Willis Lyles:

    “Without question Montage is one of the finest projects ever to focus on English-language haiku . . . ”

    “A former teacher, I often found myself phrasing writing assignments as I enjoyed a new gallery . . . ” (examples offered)

    “The possibilities seem almost endless and adaptable to student writing at any level. Individual haiku call out for analysis and pairs or groups for detailed comparison and contrast. Literary critics interested in haiku will find starting points for articles, too.”

    Quotes by Peggy as I said. Montage lives here by my computer, with its beautiful watercolor cover painting by Ron Moss. Edited by Allan Burns and Book Design by Red Moon Press.

    Both the registry and Montage helped me gain the confidence to volunteer and feel a little more up-to-date with the literature, and to have a broader haiku perspective.

    Thank you, Ellen

  2. Who else has done what THF has, the Registry alone,
    then Montage, and so on, and you have Billie! Excellent work.



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