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Survey 2017 — Old Pond Comics

Every September the Board of Directors and Associates of The Haiku Foundation are sent a survey. Their responses help to guide our growth and direction. We’d like to broaden our input, and so we’ll be asking you to respond to a series of questions, one per week, over the next half-year. Your replies will be weighed in our assessment of our performance.

Today’s question: Old Pond Comics

Old Pond Comics is the brainchild of Jessica Tremblay, and features a host of recurring characters who bring the comic aspects of some of our favorite classical haiku to life. Central to the strip is Kaeru, the seemingly simple frog who in fact is wise beyond his years. A bevy of monks, geese, birds, turtles, snails and other creatures populate this world, and help us interpret poems by Issa, Buson, Basho and many others. Jessica has provided a Saturday morning poem to Troutswirl readers since 2015.

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