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Still Time to Nominate a Poem for a Touchstone

Thanks to all who have already nominated haiku for the 2017 Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems. For those of you who haven’t, consider your own favorite haiku published in 2017, and a favorite by a fellow poet. This is a great way to think about your own haiku writing during the year and consider the genre’s wonderful variety.

You can send your nominations, and learn more about the Awards, here. Good luck!

Bruce Feingold,
Chair, Touchstone Awards

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    1. Dear Sunita agarwal,
      Here’s information on how to submit your poem:
      Which gives the entry form weblink, but I will repeat it for your convenience:
      But do double-check your spelling

      It’s valentine’s day or Valentine’s Day:

      valentine day-
      a red rose pricked
      my sole
      ~Sunita agrwal”neh”
      Good luck on your submission! :-)
      warm regards,

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