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Still Getting It Wrong

Popular culture is not coming round to an “enlightened” perspective on haiku very quickly, as those of us who have been engaged in the “haiku culture wars” are well aware. Here are a couple of recent examples from a nationally syndicated newspaper comic. Not a patch on our own Old Pond Comics, which you can revisit in our archives. “Enjoy” might be too much to ask, but still . . .

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  1. Yes, it would be better that popular culture move to limericks since their 5-7-5 haiku is usually meant for a laugh. And the limerick genre is much much better at creating humor.

    Gary Hotham

  2. “BUCKLES” cartoons also feature haiku. They even number them.
    January 4th, 2018 haiku # 109.

    Time is relative.
    It can’t go any slower
    Waiting here for you.

  3. Guildenstern: “to pass time we will only speak in haiku”

    “ge peshed ye feka
    i’ll kil ye in ye heid ya –
    c’mon ya gobshiet”

  4. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead. The thing is, in life they were just tools, pleased to be of use.
    I actually find this cartoon darkly funny, as it sends up ‘haiku’ as a game played by middle class, ‘more Japanesy-than-thou’ types (which it certainly can be, in my experience).
    But then, I’ve never been able to get anyone to tell me about the legendary Haiku Wars. Only mysterious allusions were forthcoming and in the end I gave up.
    – Lorin

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