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Soundings: Haiku Appreciation in the Forum


The Haiku Foundation is pleased to introduce a new Forum board. Soundings, moderated by Peter Yovu, is designed as a venue for the appreciation of the individual poem. Got a favorite? Share it with us and tell us why. Over time we will together create a library of haiku appreciation. You can go here to read Soundings, or else here to register to add your own critiques. We look forward to sharing your favorite poems.

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  1. This is a wonderful idea – thanks to Peter Yovu and Jim Kacian and all who create these opportunities.

    I’m beginning to learn how the Forum works, from a technical viewpoint. Yesterday I posted and at first I seemed to lose my preview, so I started over, which was fine. Another time, I lost a reply, and let it go. I wonder if I had gone past the time I logged in for? Truly not a problem, just learning.

    Sometimes I link to my blogs to see how they look to readers who might find them – and a blog is not there, and I know it is there! There have been some technical difficulties from here – mostly just needing to give things a few more minutes to work sometimes. So I really don’t know why, when a link, for example, is not there – but easy to wait and try again.

    Amazes me how well everything does work, and THF is an easy site to navigate. Excellent.

    * * *

    “The appreciation of the individual poem” – I recalled first reading haiku about the Midwest, where I’ve always lived, and posted a poem by Aubrie Cox. Will look forward to reading many poems and reflections. Hard to express how it feels when you first realize a form can say what you’ve lived and the beauty that sustains daily.

    A lovely new Forum board. Thanks again. Ellen

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