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Sometimes, you just need a minute

Sometimes all you need is a moment to connect. I was reading this poem:

back at camp
the mountain peak
still in my legs

It is by Yu Chang in Seeds / Red Moon Press.  I love the third line and I have always been a fan of the way a good pivot works in haiku.

Because of my disability that last line really stuck in my mind. Then I grabbed a pen:

the tree line sways
planted firmly
I brace myself

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  1. I also think it’s interesting how a poem about legs that climbed a mountain inspired a poem about legs that are more like trees, and less like movement. As John also saw…

  2. So many memories from this poem. I’ve gone up and down that mountain with Yu, always very grateful for his friendship. And my goddaughter Seneca. Who had to learn to walk and then to skip again after spending nine months in hospital beds at ages four and five.

  3. Reading Yu’s haiku here I too could feel the mountain peak still in my legs. It’s a familiar feeling for anyone who has to learn to walk again. The muscles strain at each movement. Yu’s collection “Seeds” is one of my very favorite volumes … so man familiar awarenesses brought to mind. Thanks, Gene for reminding us what a jewel we have in our midst.

  4. Good example from Yu Chang’s wonderful collection, and I concur with Ellen’s viewpoint completely.

    I’m glad Yu Chang’s haiku encouraged you to write a responding haiku.


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