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Second International Haiku Conference in Poland

Feeling the need to practice your Polish? Charles Trumbull brings this opportunity to our attention:

Dear Haiku Friend:

On May 16–18, 2015, we will be convening the Second International Haiku Conference in Kraków, Poland. We hope you will consider participating.

The Conference is organized by the Museum of Japanese Art and Technology Manggha.The Conference will be held in conjunction with the 4th biennial Czesław Miłosz Festival. In that spirit, the haiku conference will be dedicated to Miłosz and his work with haiku as well as to haiku in Poland and elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe.

To facilitate planning and get a rough head count, we would appreciate your indication by December 15, as to whether you might be able to join us. We will ask for a firm confirmation by February 15.

For now, please contact me, Charles Trumbull, if you have any questions.

Yours in haiku,


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