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Season by Season: Episode 24 — Spring Equinox

In this reflective episode, Alexis and Kit joyfully welcome brighter days, remember springs past amid wildflower meadows and cherry blossoms, and look forward to the shining future. Hiroaki Sato leaves “Hiro’s Corner” to join our co-hosts for an interview about haiku.

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  1. Not sure if it’s intentional… The ‘LISTEN NOW’ link here opens a page where I can choose to listen to Episode 18: Autumn Equinox only (Seemingly the latest episode online). We next have to navigate to ‘Past editions’ and on the list of past editions, we then must choose Episode 24 — Spring Equinox, which opens the page for Ep. 24. Al last we can click on the link LiSTEN NOW to open and listen to this episode. It seems to me that this is a bit overcomplicated.

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