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Branka Vojinović-Jegdić

Branka Vojinović-Jegdić

Born: March 13 1962 in Pljevlja, Montenegro
Resides: Podgorica, Montenegro

Branka has written haiku since 1991 and publishes in a number of magazines, joint collections, and on the Internet. Besides haiku and senryu, she writes modern poetry, poetry for children, prose, satire, aphorisms and book reviews.

Awards and Other Honors: Second place for poem, May contest for poetry organized by Yugoslavian Literature workshop (Frankfurt/Main, Germany 1989), also second place in 1997; third place on Pjesničkim rukovetima (Serbia, 2011); award for best Summer senryu, Diogen pro cultura magazine (2012); Honourable Mention for haiku, Kloštar Ivanić (2012); Honourable Mention for haiku, Diogen Autumn (2012); First Prize, poetry contest by magazine Avlija (Montenegro, 2012); Third Prize, poetry contest Ilindanski pjesnički susreti Prljača (Bosnia and Herzegovina 2013); Honour Award (odlikovanje) for haiku, the Melnik Evenings of Poetry (Bulgaria, 2013).

Books Published: I Tamo Me Ima / I’ve Been There, Too [collection of poetry and haiku poetry] (1999)

Selected Work
flowers in her hair
hop at each step.
shining snow—
our tracks
gipsy tents leaving
a smell of  fire  remains
in a hot summer
with bronze
the sun drawing
Africa on my body
noiseless steps
a whisper of snowflakes
covers them
blue lilac
fulfilled the street—
longing for love

Credits: "hide-and-seek" - Knots: The Anthology of Southeastern European Haiku Poetry [edited by Jim Kacian and Dimitar Anakiev] (Red Moon Press, 1999); A Dozen Tongues 2000: Children in Haiku from Around the World [edited by Jim Kacian] (Red Moon Press, 2000); "gipsy tents leaving" - Apokalipsa 42/43 (Slovenia, 2001); "noiseless steps" - Apokalipsa 42/43 (Slovenia, 2001);"shining snow - Paun 19-20, 21-22 (Požega, Serbia, 1992-1993); "with bronze" - The best Summer senryu, Diogen pro cultura magazine (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2012);"blue lilac" - Joint haiku collection (Odžaci, Serbia, 1996).

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