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Steven Carter

Steven Carter

August 29, 1943 - December 18, 2019

Steven Carter was a retired emeritus professor of English and former Senior Fulbright Fellow at two Polish Universities, having taught for thirty-eight years. The author of over forty published books, he was the recipient of numerous literary awards, including the Schachterle Prize presented by the Society for Literature and Science, and the Eric Hoffer Foundation's Montaigne Medal. Carter had also been recognized for his work in Japanese short-form poetry, namely haiku and haibun. Carter and his wife Janice used to split the year between Tucson, Arizona, and Bigfork, Montana.

Steven Carter passed away on December 18, 2019 in Tuscon, Arizona.

Awards and Other Honors:

The Schachterle Prize presented by the American National Society for Literature and Science (1989); UNESCO's Nuove Lettere International Poetry and Literature Prize (2000 and 2001); The Eric Hoffer Foundation's Montaigne Medal (2013); First Prize in the 2012 British International Haiku competition (haibun section); Second Prize in the 2012 Irish Haiku Society International haiku competition.

Books Published:

Collected Prose Poems and Others volumes I-XX (Alba Publishing UK 2015-18)); Game Changers (Red Moon Press 2018); The Metaphysical Faire (Red Moon Press 2018); Collected Aphorisms and Meditations (Alba, 2018); My Words for It: Poems (Red Moon Press 2018).

Selected Work
Rising wind —
         By the roadside cross
                  A candy bar
Nobody looking
      The good old boy
            Drops his cowboy swagger
Yellow but cold
                    In the river-mist
Fast-moving storm
          The flagman's world
                     SLOW and STOP
Darkness on darkness
         What we say
                  What we hear
         Of an eagle
                  The branch still rocking


“Rising wind” - A Green Pebble, Alba Publishing (2016); “Nobody looking” - Paper Doors, Red Moon Press (2013); “Yellow but cold” - Snow Moon, Alba Publishing (2011); “Fast-moving storm” - Pillars of Fire, Alba Publishing (2013); “Darkness on darkness” - Snow Moon, Alba Publishing (2011); “Leap” - Paper Doors, Red Moon Press (2013).

Additional Reading:

From The Haiku Foundation Digital Library: Haiku collection: River Mist

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