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Catherine J.S. Lee

Catherine J.S. Lee

Born: June 19 1949 in Houlton Maine, USA
Resides: Eastport, Maine, USA
E-mail: island_dreamer (at) excite (dot) com

Catherine J.S. Lee lives, writes, teaches, and gardens on an island in Passamaquoddy Bay near Canada. A published short-story writer, she began her haiku journey in July 2007. Her haiku and senryu have appeared in a variety of international print and online journals.

Awards and Other Honors: Honourable Mention, Betty Drevniok Award (2008 and 2009); Honorable Mention, Genkissu! Spirits Up! Worldwide Hekinan Haiku Contest (2009); Honorable Mention, Gerald Brady Senryu Award (2008); Honorable Mention, Kaji Aso Studio Haiku Contest (2008 and 2009); Second Place, Lyrical Passion E-Zine Wintry Mix Haiku Contest (2008); Shiki Kukai: First Place (September 2009), Second Place (July 2008, August 2009, and December 2009), Third Place (November 2007 and November 2008) and Second Place, Annual Poets’ Choice (2009); Honorable Mention, ukiaHaiku Festival Traditional Haiku (2008 and 2009); Honourable Mention, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational (2008 and 2009); Commended, White Lotus Haiku Competition (2008); World Haiku Review Neo-Classical: Honorable Mention (2009) and Best 10 Honorable Mention (2008).

Selected Work
deepening twilight
     the waterfall dims
          to sound and spray
evening stillness
the fog creeps in
pine by pine
harbor lights
the reclining moon
tips out a star
new moon
a howling wind drowns out
the house crickets
paper cranes
the yellow birch unpleats
its leaves
meadow pond
our blades slice figures
on the moon

Credits: "deepening twilight" - Asahi Weekly Haiku Column (August 2009); "harbor lights" - DailyHaiku (April 2009); " paper cranes" - The Heron’s Nest XI:3 ( 2009); "evening stillness" – First Place, Shiki Kukai (September 2009); "new moon" – Best 10 Honorable Mention, World Haiku Review (May 2008); "meadow pond" – Honourable Mention, Betty Drevniok Award (2009).

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