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Nada Jačmenica

Nada Jačmenica

Born: March 16 1953 in Sveti Kriz Začretje, Croatia
Resides: Sveti Kriz Začretje, Croatia
E-mail: n (dot) jacmenica (at) hotmail (dot) com

Nada Jačmenica is a medical doctor and physical medicine specialist living in Sveti Kriz Začretje, Croatia. She is a seasoned poet and poetry writer. In the field of visual arts, she arranges petal patchworks for exhibitions.

Awards and Other Honors: Commended, The 8th Kloštar Ivanić Haiku Meeting (2010); Commended, The 9th Kloštar Ivanić Haiku Meeting (2011); Runner-up, Vladimir Devidé Haiku Awards (2011); Commended, The Second Annual Vladimir Devide Haiku Awards (2012); Commended, The 10th Kloštar Ivanić Haiku Meeting (2012); Commended, The 11th Kloštar Ivanić Haiku Meeting (2013); Third Prize, Kusamakura Haiku Competition (2013); Third Prize, Diogen pro cultura magazine (2013); The First Prize, Pumpkin Festival in Ivanić Grad (2014); Honorable Mention, Revista Haiku Haiku contest, (Romania, 2014); Commendation, (theme: the spring), 2nd Haiku meeting in Rovinj, (Rovinj, Croatia, 2015); Commendation, Pumpkin Festival Haiku Contest (Ivanić-Grad, Croatia, 2015).

Selected Work
a ray of sunshine 
on its way to darkness—
mole's fur
under the cherry tree 
a young girl's black hair
karst terrain 
a road through vastness—
bleating only...
an open window
the stars peering
into my dreams
the moon waited
for the light to be switched off
entering my room
rain ended 
a sparrow bathes
in the hoof's track

Credits: "a ray of sunshine" - Second Prize, Vladimir Devide Haiku Award (Osaka 2011); "karst terrain" - Commended, Vladimir Devide Haiku Award (Osaka 2012); "the moon waited" - Simply Haiku (2011); "under the cherry tree" - Samobor Haiku Meeting (2012); "an open window" - Simply Haiku (2011); "rain ended" - Dubravko Ivančan Haiku Meeting (Krapina, 2011).

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