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Barbara MacKay

Barbara MacKay

Born: September 21 1932 in San Francisco California, USA
Resides: Little River, California, USA
E-mail: jbmackay (at) mcn (dot) org

Barbara MacKay began studying haiku in 1972. Since then her haiku has been published in various haiku journals and some have earned awards. She is a member of the Writers of the Mendocino Coast Writers club and meets weekly with a writing group. Some of the publications in which her work has appeared iclude: Woodpecker Journal for Sharing Haiku (all issues, 1999 through September 2002); Mariposa (issues 5,9, 21); Haiku Poets of Northern California Anthology for Members; Crinkled Sunshine, Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology 2000; Lotos Magazine, The Road Between Mountains (2002); Daily Yomiuri, Go-Shichi-Go-Haiku in English (Jan. 26, 2004); A Travel-Worn-Satchel, Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology, 2009.

Awards and Other Honors: Award poet, Tanka Splendor Award Poets (1999); First Place in poetry, California’s Twelfth Annual Writer’s Conference Contest (June 7-9, 2001); Honorable Mention, Palomar Showcase, Writing Poetry and Haiku (2001); Second Place [Traditional Haiku], ukiaHaiku Festival (2006); Third Place [Contemporary Haiku], ukiaHaiku Festival (2006); Second Place [Traditional haiku], ukiaHaiku Festival (2008); Honorable Mention [haiku/tanka], California State Poetry Society Monthly Contest (July 2008); First Place [haiku/tanka], California State Poetry Society Monthly contest (July 2010); Honorable Mention [Adult Category], ukiaHaiku Festival (2012).

Selected Work
greyhound bus
an old man with a name tag
homeward bound
in a frost filled yard
an old brown mare neighs
toward the rising sun
train stop
blue heron ankle deep
in the shallow creek
a banana slug 
resting on a fallen leaf 
yellow on yellow
February thaw
my young neighbor all dressed up
in a sunsuit
autumn raindrops
the laughter of children
running for cover

Credits: "greyhound bus" - Mariposa 9 (2009) - Eds. D. Claire Gallagher and Carolyn Hall; "train stop" - Woodpecker 2000-1 - Ed. Willem Lofvers; "February thaw" – Palomar Showcase (2001) - Judge, Kay Anderson; "in a frost filled yard" - Woodpecker 2002-1 - Ed. Willem Lofvers; "a banana slug" - Mariposa 21 - Eds. Ebba Story and Susan Antolin; "autumn raindrops" - Mariposa 5 (2001) - Ed. D. Claire Gallagher.

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