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Margaret D. McGee

Margaret D. McGee

Born: in Mansfield Ohio, USA
Resides: Port Townsend, Washington, USA
E-mail: margaret (at) inthecourtyard (dot) com

Margaret D. McGee worked as a car hop, secretary, academic adviser, and typesetter before catching the wave of the software industry in the Pacific Northwest as a technical writer. She attained the position "master writer" at the Microsoft Corporation, acting and project lead and principal writer on many projects before leaving that company in 1994. Margaret's prose and poetry have appeared in such publications as Modern Haiku, The Heron's Nest, bottle rockets, Wisteria, bear creek haiku, Alive Now, Episcopal Life, Englewood Review of Books, and Northwind Anthology. Her plays have been selected for performance at the Port Townsend Playwright’s Festival and at Love Creek Productions’ Short Play Festival in New York City. She is a teacher, speaker and retreat leader on topics related to labyrinths, creativity in the spiritual life, and the personal stories and places that give meaning to one's life. At her web site (see above), Margaret shares her further adventures along the spiritual path through blog posts, original liturgical prayers and homilies, and other writings.

Books Published: Haiku - The Sacred Art: A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines (SkyLight Paths, 2010); Sacred Attention: A Spiritual Practice for Finding God in the Moment (SkyLight Paths, 2007); Stumbling Toward God: A Prodigal’s Return (Innisfree Press, 2001).

Selected Work
a split-rail fence crosses over
fields of summer grass
the slug beat me
to the strawberry
camp tea
          flames die to ember
                     while ravens mutter
can't be helped the winter moon
slow, slow dusk
cicadas flood the pause
between apologies
winter's eve
we hang the last ornament
way to the back

Credits: "Gettysburg" - Haiku - The Sacred Art: A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines, Margaret D. McGee (SkyLight Paths Publishing, 2010); "camp tea" - bear creek haiku 100 (2011); "slow, slow dusk" - The Heron's Nest XI:2 (2009); "daybreak" - bear creek haiku 89 (2009); "can't be helped" - Modern Haiku 42.2 (2011); "winter's eve" - Wisteria 14 (2009).

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