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Alexander B. Joy

Alexander B. Joy

Born: June 01 1989
Resides: Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

Alexander B. Joy, also known as Lex Joy, graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of New Hampshire when he was 20. He is presently working toward a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at the University of Massachusetts.

Awards and Other Honors: Commendation, Polish International Haiku Competition 2011; Semifinalist, Ito En Haiku Grand Prix (August 2011); Pushcart Prize Nomination (from Four and Twenty, 2011).

Selected Work
shooting star
  the same wish
   as before
broken window
  through a star-shaped hole
   the stars
heat wave
  swaying side to side
   with the fan
canyon echo
  for a moment
   not alone
  roses in a vase
   drying together
water's edge
  an empty pair
   of sandals

Credits: "shooting star" - Modern Haiku 42.3 (2011); "heat wave" - Haiku Page 5 (Fall 2011/Spring 2012) ; "anniversary" - Tinywords 11.3 (2 December 2011); "broken window" - Haiku Presence 45; "canyon echo" - Mu Haiku Journal 2; "water's edge" - Haiku Pix Review 4 (2011).

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