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Julie Bloss Kelsey

Julie Bloss Kelsey

Born: November 13 1968 in Denvillie New Jersey, USA
Resides: Germantown, Maryland, USA
E-mail: jublke (at) gmail (dot) com

Despite an interest in poetry from a young age, Julie Bloss Kelsey didn’t discover her love of short-form poems until after the birth of her third child. For years, haiku hadn’t made any sense to her. But once she discovered scifaiku in 2009, she had an “aha!” moment. Now, when she isn’t chasing her children, Julie enjoys writing haiku, scifaiku, Fibonacci sequences, monostich, and tanka.

Awards and Other Honors: Winner, Dwarf Stars Award (2011); Second Place, 15th International “Kusamakura” Haiku competition (2010).

Selected Work
binary star – 
the cat's eyes
reflecting pool . . . 
she tosses coins in 
without looking
a week of vertigo:
one crooked nap
slides into another
a nebulous envelope
to be opened by the sun
deep in conversation
I do not notice when
you absorb me
in the bin
marked for recycling—
my old skin

Credits: "binary star" - Second Place, 15th International “Kusamakura” Competition (2010); "a week of vertigo" - Notes from the Gean 3:4 (2012); "deep in conversation" - Scifaikuest [online] (November 2010); Seven by Twenty (February 10, 2011); "reflecting pool" - The Heron’s Nest XIII:4 (2011); "comet" - microcosms (May 21, 2010); The 2011 Dwarf Stars Anthology (Science Fiction Poetry Association, 2011); "in the bin" - Eye to the Telescope 3 (2012).

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