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Claire Everett

Claire Everett

Born: in Shropshire England
Resides: North Yorkshire, England
E-mail: aelfette (at) gmail (dot) com

Claire Everett's haiku, tanka, haibun and tanka prose are published in journals worldwide.  She was on the editorial team for Take Five, Best Contemporary Tanka, volume 4 (2011) and in the same year, was a contributor for cycle 11 of DailyHaiku.  In December 2011, she became the Tanka Prose Editor at Haibun Today.  2012 saw the publication of her first collection of tanka, twelve moons.  She has five children and two stepchildren and is happiest when walking with her husband on the North Yorkshire Moors or in the beautiful Lake District.

Awards and Other Honors: Second and Third Place & two Honourable Mentions: "Think Tanka" contest, Lyrical Passion Poetry (2010); Honorable Mention: "Haiku Pen" contest, Lyrical Passion Poetry (2011): Honorable Mention: 2011 Senryu Contest, Lyrical Passion Poetry (2011); Third Place and Honorable Mention:"Love Tanka" contest, Lyrical Passion Poetry; "Back Cover Choice": Ribbons, Tanka Society of America journal, Volume 7, Number 3 (Fall 2011); Sixth Place: "The Seashell Game" (2012).

Books Published: twelve moons [a collection of tanka; ISBN: 1478153954] Createspace, 2012). See:

Selected Work
just-fledged light
chips of wren song
from the log pile
you’re not telling me . . .
camellia buds
butterfly dust . . .
the question I never
dared to ask
scent of snow
unable to recall
my father's voice
thunderhead . . .
the buzzard's eye
fills with sky
winter sun . . .
the soft flicker of waxwings
in the firethorn

Credits: "just-fledged light" - Presence 45 (January 2012); "butterfly dust" - Acorn 27 (Fall 2011); "thunderhead" - Acorn 27 (Fall 2011); "something" - Acorn 28 (Spring 2012); "scent of snow" - The Heron's Nest 14:3 (September 2012); "winter sun" - The Heron's Nest 14:1 (March 2012).

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