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Laura Garrison

Laura Garrison

Born: August 07 1983 in Erie Pennsylvania, USA
Resides: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
E-mail: laura (dot) garrison5 (at) gmail (dot) com

Long after the construction paper on which her first attempt at haiku--a 5-7-5 that shamelessly anthropomorphized daffodils--had crumbled into dust, Laura Garrison was excited to rediscover the form as an adult. She can often be found climbing trees, exploring old cemeteries, or chopping vegetables.

Awards and Other Honors: Haiku selected for inclusion in a college textbook for theater students: Learning to Perform, by Carol Simpson Stern and Bruce Henderson (Northwestern UP, 2010).

Selected Work
a truck rusting in a field
of sunflowers
just beyond
where the path ends
a broken compass
motorcycle's taillight
drops behind a hill
tire swing
slowly spinning
another leaf falls
whispering the darkness between fireflies
on the ride home
river ice breaking
our silence

Credits: "midsummer" - DailyHaiku 4:8 (February 25, 2010); "sunset" - Frogpond 33.1 (2010); "whispering" - DailyHaiku 6:11 (September 28, 2011); "just beyond" - DailyHaiku 6:11 (May 25, 2011); "tire swing" - DailyHaiku 4:8 (December 5, 2009); "on the ride home" - The Heron's Nest 13.1 (2011).

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